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WATCH: Is Nicki Nicole’s New Song ‘Ojos Verdes’ About Her Ex?

Following the announcement of her first-ever U.S. tour, Nicki Nicole is entering a new musical era. On Apr. 24, the Argentinean artist unveiled “Ojos Verdes,” a kiss-off cumbia that seemingly shouts out her ex-partner Peso Pluma.

“Ojos Verdes” marks Nicki’s first single after publicly breaking up with the música mexicana star. With the lyrics, “Pero es que yo sacaba lo mejor de ti / Y te diste cuenta el día que me fui / ¿A quién vas a engañar? ¿A quién le vas a mentir / Diciendo que no me extrañas? [But I brought out the best in you / And you realized that the day I left / Who are you going to fool? Who are you going to lie to / Saying you don’t miss me?]” the popular rapper calls out an ex-lover – and it could possibly be La Doble P.

However, she continues to say she’s over the former lover with words like, “No te deseo lo mejor porque ya me perdiste / Pero que te vaya bien con lo que conseguiste / Ya te perdoné, pero no vuelvas / A tu amor ya le cerré la puerta [I don’t wish you the best because you’ve already lost me / But may you do well with what you got / I’ve already forgiven you, but don’t come back / I’ve already closed the door on your love],” reiterating the fact that the past is done with.

Fans are speculating if it’s about her past relationship with Peso Pluma, which ended when the Mexican singer was filmed walking hand-in-hand with another woman.

Though it’s not confirmed if it’s a jab at the “LADY GAGA” singer, it’s possible since she is vocal about drawing musical inspiration from personal experiences. “‘Ojos Verdes’ is a very personal song, where I was able to channel a not-so-positive situation I lived through music,” she told Remezcla earlier this month. “I always try to express my emotions in my songs, no matter what my state of mind is.”

She continued: “In this particular song such as ‘Ojos Verdes,’ I went for the happy and fun side of a cumbia to express something not so positive and happy that I lived [and hopefully] people can dance to it and enjoy it.”

Check out the new music video for “Ojos Verdes” below.