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Ronna Riva Drops A Stellar Summer Hit “Attitude”

Ronna Riva is a talent to be reckoned with, as the artist has a verified Spotify account with over 8k monthly listeners. She has a series of projects under her belt, each with an addictive sense of melancholy. 

Ronna, at 13, discovered her ferocious singing talent, where she had performances and tours. After finishing her studies, she dedicated all her time to singing and songwriting. Since the start, Riva wanted to drop relatable projects to be able to connect with her listeners.

She flexes her powerhouse vocals while singing: “Hush, I’m not your baby. Oh, You should think twice. Treat me like a lady.” 

Ronna was featured in the music video of “Attitude,” where she unapologetically performs from an underground garage, surrounded by a group of females. 

Just a heads up, once you listen to “Attitude,” you will hardly get it out of your head.

Steam the song here

Watch the music video below: