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Watch: Jhayco and Quevedo Collaborate in Search of a “Mami Chula” – by Alex Ocho

In a recent musical collaboration, artists Jhayco and Quevedo have joined forces to release a catchy new track titled “Mami Chula.” The song is accompanied by a vibrant and lively music video that captures the duo’s search for their ideal “Mami Chula.” The term, which translates to “hot mama” in English, is often used to describe attractive and confident women.

The music video showcases Jhayco and Quevedo as they explore the city, encountering various women who fit their vision of a “Mami Chula.” The video’s energetic visuals, combined with the catchy rhythm of the song, create an entertaining and engaging viewing experience. The track’s infectious beat and memorable chorus are sure to make it a hit among fans of both artists.

“Mami Chula” is not only a testament to the musical chemistry between Jhayco and Quevedo, but also a celebration of the beauty and confidence that the term embodies. The song is an empowering anthem for women who embrace their allure and self-assurance, encouraging them to be proud of who they are.

With the release of “Mami Chula,” Jhayco and Quevedo have demonstrated their ability to create captivating music that resonates with listeners. The duo’s collaboration has resulted in an infectious tune that celebrates self-assured women, making it a must-watch music video for fans of the artists and the genre.