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Rising Indie Artist PawPaw Rod Drops Sunny, Feel-Good “Hello Dear”

Rising artist PawPaw Rod has long been on our radar, but we really think 2024 is going to be his breakout year. His latest tune “Hello Dear” is a burst of feel-good energy, kicking off an up-coming EP that promises to be amazing, if this new single is any indication.

If Still Woozy and Cautious Clay combined their sounds, the result would probably sound like “Hello Dear.” Complete with whistle samples, a sunny guitar motif, and hand claps, “Hello Dear” is effortlessly cool while also showcasing PawPaw Rod’s musical talent and smooth voice. The relaxed vibe of this song allows it to fit into environment, whether it be on your way to the beach, or drinking a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.

Giving us more insight into this song, PawPaw Rod says:

“Hello Dear’ is about continuing to have new experiences, not getting jaded, meeting new people, giving yourself a chance. The message is to embrace life one day at a time!”

The rest of PawPaw Rod’s EP will be coming in June via GODMODE. Until then, make sure to check out “Hello Dear” below. Enjoy!

PawPaw Rod – Hello Dear

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