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Ricky Martin Relieved ‘Nightmare’ Allegations Against Him Are Over

Following his scheduled court date, Ricky Martin sat down for a virtual interview with El Gordo y La Flaca to talk about the “nightmare” scenario that has affected him and his family for the last few weeks.

Earlier this month, Martin’s nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez, claimed he had been involved in a sexual relationship with Martin and that his uncle began stalking him after it ended. On Thursday (July 21), Sánchez dropped the allegations, and a judge in Puerto Rico lifted a temporary restraining order that Sánchez had filed on Martin.

During his interview, Martin said he’s never experienced something as “painful” as being accused of misconduct by a family member and finding himself in the middle of a scandal.

“I was the victim of lies,” Martin said. “Unfortunately, the attack came from a member of the family who is sadly dealing with mental issues. The only thing I wish is the best for him and that he finds light.”

Through this entire ordeal, Martin has called the allegations “completely false” on social media but had not made any detailed statements until Thursday. His lawyer, Marty Singer, said the allegations were “untrue” and “disgusting” and hoped Sánchez would find the help that he needed.

“Lies do a lot of harm,” Martin said. “They harmed me, my husband, my children, my parents – my entire family. I couldn’t defend myself earlier because there was a process I had to follow where I had to remain silent until I could speak in front of a judge, and that’s how it was.”

Now, Ricky Martin looks forward to healing emotionally and using “calmness” and “silence” to “see the light at the end of the road” as he has before. “Thank you so much to all my unconditional fans that sent me loving and positive messages,” he said. “I insist, there’s a God that rewards those who live and focus on the truth. Much love.”