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Reach Beyond The Stars On Dreamers Delight’s New Album ‘The Observatory’

Are we alone in this universe? Where does it stop? Does it ever stop? There are endless possibilities. Reed Krafft, better known as Dreamers Delight, explores these questions and themes on his stellar sophomore album, The Observatory.

The Denver-based producer absolutely delivered on this project. Top to bottom it is a true album. Otherworldly doesn’t begin to describe it, it is a gift from the cosmos. Previously released tracks like “Galaxy Eyes” and “Keep On Shining” create the foundation for a magical listening experience. While newcomers like “Mirrors” and “Echoes” sonically are spellbinding. There’s a little funk, big anthemic bass drops, and downtempo moments on this album that allow Dreamers Delight to take you on your own personal journey.

On the album, Dreamers Delight comments,

“I’m constantly thinking about how tiny things can be, while zooming out and acknowledging the breadth of the universe. Does the universe keep going? Does it stop somewhere? I’m thinking of the bigger cosmos. We live in this interesting space between. The album goes through different perspectives of the quantum side and the cosmic side.The Observatory was the perfect title. It can be a place where you observe the galaxy, or you could just be about watching what’s around you,”

Stream The Observatory below and enjoy!

Dreamers Delight – The Observatory

-Written By: JD Scribner
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