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PREMIERE: Dominican Artist KATONTHEMUV Advocates for Boundaries on ‘Conmigo No’

It’s undeniable that we’re in the age of setting clear boundaries: intrusive comments, non-consensual physical touch, and unwelcomed energy are not welcome. Afro-Dominican songstress KATONTHEMUV advocates for setting clear boundaries on “Conmigo No,” a modern-age unapologetic pro-Black anthem, while clearly expressing that she is not the one to be messed with. As KATONTHEMUV affirms: “There are no forces or entities that can stop me from fulfilling my purpose… I won’t allow anyone to make me doubt myself and my potential.”

Co-written by Atlanta-based, Panamanian artist Nino Augustine, the Smoov Sinatra-produced track merges dancehall and hip-hop en Español. With “Conmigo No,” the Dominican artist assumes her divine power and takes ownership of her personal liberation. The video premieres exclusively at Remezcla, below:

Born in La Romana, Dominicana Republic, KATONTHEMUV moved to Miami at the tender age of 9 years old. Relocating to Atlanta in 2015, she immersed herself in the city’s historical, rich hip-hop culture, where she would drop singles “Isla” and “Deskontrol.” She later released her self-titled EP KATONTHEMUV, bathed in Afro-Caribbean sounds, including dancehall, reggaetón and Afro-pop.

On the track, she asserts, “Ello dudaron que yo llegaría/Cierran la puerta y yo invento una vía/Mi auto estima y mi energía/ No me la quitan no” (“They doubted that I would arrive/ They closed the door and I invented a way/ My self-esteem and my energy/Cannot be taken away from me.”)
The track also celebrates the resilience obtained through personal battles. “People doubt you until you go after what you want and prove yourself to yourself about her journey that inspired the single,” she explains in the press release for the song. “The catch is staying consistent and strong, keeping your head up despite what challenges you may face in your journey.”