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Portugal. The Man recruit Anyma for melodic take on ‘Time’s a Fantasy’

The last three weeks have been quite a stretch for Anyma. After sharing his debut album Genesys on August 11 and immediately following it with a remix of Lana Del Rey‘s “Say Yes To Heaven,” the Afterlife co-founder has now turned in his highly requested take on Portugal. The Man‘s “Time’s a Fantasy.” This time moving to the American rock band, Anyma has put a melodic spin on one of the slower songs off of the band’s latest album, Chris Black Changed My Life. And in surprising fashion, Anyma’s version isn’t the first dance remix for Portugal. The Man in 2023, with Chris Lake having already reworked “Dummy” back in March.

Following the recent merger between Dancing Astronaut’s 2022 Label of the Year Afterlife and Universal’s Interscope Records, Anyma has been able to reach a new audience of untapped listeners. And in his latest delivery in 2023, Anyma uses his production talents to take Jeff Bhasker’s vocals from “Time’s a Fantasy” and overlay them across a cinematic, progressive framework. Leaning more towards the euphoric and trance side of Anyma’s recent releases, “Time’s A Fantasy” has undeniably been a surreal moment in his sets since the remix’s debut at Coachella. Stream the remix below.

Featured image: Anyma/Instagram

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