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Erick The Architect Paints a Masterpiece In Debut Album ‘I’ve Never Been Here Before’

TSIS favorite Erick The Architect has returned to the site with the release of his debut album I’ve Never Been Here Before. It consists of 16 tracks with Erick being his most authentic self. Simultaneously carrying the boisterous attitude of hip-hop while also being wildly vulnerable. This project is dynamic, thoughtful, and flat out incredible.

The album sees Erick touch on all aspects of his life. The highs, the lows. His Jamaican heritage and upbringing in the church. Moving across the country from New York to Los Angeles shortly after the passing of his mother. Accepting what life has tossed at him while also standing up to the challenge and pursuing evolution as an artist but also as a person. It’s no secret how diverse Erick is as an artist, it is a product of his wide range of inspirations and his open mind. On the album, Erick references Picasso, Brian Eno, Stevie Wonder, Annie Leibowitz, Keith Haring, Miles Davis, Marlon Brando who are in his words, “People who revolutionize what they do.”

Technically, I’ve Never Been Here Before is a hip-hop album, but it is so much more. It is an indication of his expressions and feelings. The entire album feels like Erick is reminding people that he is “him” while also saying “this is me.” He brings on incredible collaborators in the afrobeats inspired “Beef Patty” with Boy Boy, the house inspired “Ambriosa” with Channel Tres, and the transformative “2-3 Zone” with James Blake. Although the album is titled I’ve Never Been Here Before, Erick sounds like he’s right where he belongs.

Erick The Architect – I’ve Never Been Here Before

-Written By: JD Scribner
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