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Peso Pluma Takes Us On An Emotional Rollercoaster in New Album ‘GÉNESIS’

Peso Pluma’s highly-anticipated album GÉNESIS is finally out! The 14-track album features new collaborations with Natanael Cano, Junior H, Gabito Ballesteros, and more artists.

“My boy Peso Pluma’s new album Génesis is out now. Kill ‘em, Peso!” the former professional boxer Myke Tyson says on the album’s official announcement. The announcement is soundtracked by Peso, Gabito Ballesteros, and Junior H’s new song “LADY GAGA.” Tyson is seen lighting a joint and dancing to the new track. Other clips feature a crawling spider, which appears to be Peso’s new signature symbol.

The album starts with “ROSA PASTEL,” a collaboration with Jasiel Núñez about handling your businesses right. “LUNA” then comes through with Junior H narrating a story about missing an ex-lover. “77” picks up the pace with a trap corrido alongside Eladio Carrión. We then hear a solo moment with “RUBICON,” a new collaboration with Natanael Cano on “CARNAL,” and “GAVILÁN II” featuring Tito Double P.

The second half of the album starts with “VVS,” a hard-hitting collaboration alongside Darey Castro and Edgardo Nuñez. It continues with the corrido bélico “SU CASA” with Luis R Conriquez. “LADY GAGA” comes next, discussing having the best things in life. It’s followed by “ZAPATA,” which describes the skyrocketing artist’s new lifestyle, and “LA PEOPLE” featuring Tito Double P for a second time. GÉNESIS closes with a track about embracing fame in “NUEVA VIDA,” a sad love song called “LAGUNAS” with Jasiel Nuñez, and appropriately with his sorrowful heartbreak anthem, “BYE.” 

“The name of the album is Genesis because I think Genesis is just a beginning, and I think it’s just a beginning of this new era, not only in the music industry for us as a group, as a band, but for the whole industry, for the whole Mexican industry…” the Mexican singer-songwriter told Eddie Francis on Apple Music 1.

“I worked this album through years, through three or four years. I’m just happy that this album is going to come out already, and there are [14] songs that you can dance, that you can cry, that you can sing, that you can do everything with that album. I’m just excited,” he concluded.

Listen to GÉNESIS below.