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Peso Pluma Is Releasing a Joint EP With This Singer – Here’s What We Know

Peso Pluma undoubtedly slayed 2023, and he’s not slowing down. Based on recent interviews, the skyrocketing Mexican singer has new music coming out soon with the Mexican singer-songwriter Jasiel Nuñez. While an official release date remains under wraps, we know that a new joint EP and tour will be announced soon. 

Nuñez, currently signed to Peso Pluma’s record label Double P Records, is a longtime collaborator of the GÉNESIS hitmaker. Nuñez has written and joined Peso Pluma on hits like “BIPOLAR” with Junior H, “LAGUNAS,” and “ROSA PASTEL.” He’s also collaborated with other sad sierreño boys like DannyLux on “Corazón Frío,” which he wrote. Another song he helped co-write is “Que Loco Es” with Yng Lvcas. 

In an interview with Agushto Papa, released on Oct. 23, he told the hosts that he had a collaborative EP with Peso Pluma in the works. When asked about a release date, he said it was due this year, saying “in these months.” He also mentioned that Peso Pluma confirmed it during a live show in October. At the time of the podcast recording, Nuñez also said he planned to drop the collaboration EP with Peso Pluma first, then a solo album. 

Moreover, he also talked about his longtime friendship with Peso Pluma on the podcast, sharing how their collaboration on “ROSA PASTEL” brought him to sign with Double P Records. He also mentions that his recent hits like “LAGUNAS,” “BIPOLAR,” and “Corazón Frío” were all written during the same time frame, which explains the songs’ same sentiment about going through a heartbreak.

However, it seems like the plans were delayed. In a newer conversation with Pepe & Teo released yesterday (Nov. 29), Nuñez brought up the same topic about releasing a collaborative EP with Peso. This time, he said it’s due in the beginning of 2024. 

Remezcla reached out to Nuñez’s team about the joint EP, to which they said they replied, “Nothing is confirmed at the moment.”

On the other hand, it appears that Peso Pluma has more surprises on the way. During an Instagram live, the “LADY GAGA” singer announced that he’s currently working on a new album and more collaborations, as well as having another U.S. tour announcement soon.