LFW responds to Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, as Random Identities makes its comeback

Nike’s marriage of style and sportswear is a time-worn relationship seared into the annals of fashion history. Be it Serena Williams’ on-court looks – all studded denim skirts and knee-high boots – or Michael B Jordan’s eponymous sneakers, the Swoosh has forever been at the forefront of innovation. In addition to recent projects focusing on size-inclusive bralettes and designing for modesty, Nike has birthed a brand new fabric, which the brand says is its most innovative since Dri-Fit launched in 1991. Made without zippers, dyes, extra embellishments, or something called aglets – those metal things at the end of drawstrings – the first iteration of Nike Forward uses needle-punch techniques to convert fibre to textile. With an environmental impact that’s 75 per cent that of traditional knit fleece, “Nike Forward feels different because it is different,” says Carmen Zolman, VP of Innovation Apparel Design. “It is not a traditional knit or woven, but a completely new material that drastically reduces its carbon footprint”. It launches on September 15 in a slew of grey hoodies and cropped sweaters. 

In other fashion news this week, Gucci defied science by cloning Billie Eilish while IB Kamara and Rafael Pavarotti launched Off-White’s latest campaign in Morocco’s blue city. For everything else that may have passed you by, click through the link below.