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Nia Archives Delivers Vulnerable Debut Album ‘Silence Is Loud’

With a discography as expansive as Nia Archives‘s, it’s hard to believe that we are just now receiving her debut album. The highly anticipated LP, Silence Is Loud, is poised to make a memorable, lasting impact on Nia’s existing fans, and turn casual listeners into long-time followers.

Nia’s signature “new gen junglist” style permeates the entire LP with fast-paced rhythms and futuristic synths. The visionary triple-threat showcases just about everything she has to offer throughout the course of album, from intricate production, to thoughtful songwriting, to empowering performances. Let Silence Is Loud take you on a journey through your own thoughts and emotions, and listen along as Nia vulnerably shares hers with you.

Nia shared her thoughts on the release, commenting:

Wow I actually cannot believe this is happening omg !! ‘Silence Is Loud’ has been tha soundtrack 2 my life over tha past year and I am so so sooo proud of this thing I’ve created. This album is me putting my cards on the table delving into a variety of topics such as: unconditional luv, unrequited luv, infatuation, loneliness, dysfunctional familial relationships and navigating ur early twenties. It’s exposing some of my most raw, vulnerable and sometimes embarrassing emotions but I wouldn’t have it any other way as it is 100% authentically me.

You can stream Silence Is Loud at the link below. Enjoy!

Nia Archives – Silence Is Loud

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