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Justice Drop Yet Another Single, “Incognito,” Off Upcoming Album

Justice’s return is in full swing, having already released two epic singles off their upcoming album Hyperdrama. They’re continuing to build on the momentum they’ve built by surprise releasing yet another track off the project, “Incognito.”

Justice open the track with a slow building psychedelic instrumental before dropping into avant-garde, synth-laden weapon. The track hits all the right buttons, showcasing Justice’s ability to fuse organic sounds with electronic ones.

Here’s what they had to say about the track,

“Like many songs on this record, it switches from all electronic to all human music abruptly, multiple times within its four minute run. The structure is dictated by what feels good at the moment it happens, without necessarily following any other rule. We had to unlearn everything we thought we knew about song structures, and music in general, when we started working on ‘Hyperdrama’, which was very refreshing.”

Hyperdrama is set to release on April 26th but these last few singles will at least help to hold us over until then. Stream “Incognito” below and enjoy!

Justice – Incognito

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