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Natti Natasha & K-Pop Group Momoland Drop Collab, & Fans Can’t Keep Their Chill

In one of the most anticipated releases for Jan., Korean sextet MOMOLAND and Natti Natasha dropped their lively collaboration single and music video titled “Yummy Yummy Love.” Adding to the growing list of internet-breaking collaborations between K-pop stars and Latine artists, this irresistible in English track is certain to be your favorite collaboration of 2022 — because we certainly think so.

“Yummy Yummy Love” describes the start of first love, especially with the chorus’ addictive hook, “Are you ready for love like this? Are you ready for your first kiss?” It’s a single that you’ll want to have on replay for hours with its earworm-like sound. 

In the music video, the ladies of MOMOLAND — JooE, Nancy, Ahin, Jane, Nayun, and Hyebin — are dressed to the nines in shimmery red and black attire, glowing between their visual beauty on-screen and confidence in their playful choreography. MOMOLAND and Natti gave us friendship goals with their interactions together at a roller rink, joining in on the choreography with the girls as their unofficial seventh member. 

For the K-pop proper single, Natti Natasha lent her skills in the entire production process of the song and music video. With Natti adapting to the K-pop style for MOMOLAND’s single, the track has a vibrance to it that’s both refreshing and serotonin-boosting. 

“The reason why I needed to jump on ‘Yummy Yummy Love’ with MOMOLAND is that I feel like it’s a positive vibe; it’s feisty, fire, and feels sexy. It has absolutely everything you need to feel sexy especially when you’re about to give your first kiss,” Natti said through a statement. “I am very happy about this collaboration, especially since it’s a new experience for me. It’s the first time of many, and I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Fans took to Twitter to show their excitement about “Yummy Yummy Love,” especially waiting over a year for MOMOLAND’s comeback and getting emotional at their hard work.

Others expressed how proud they are of the funky collaboration and praised Natti. One Twitter user wrote: “I’m really proud of you girls, you really gave us an incredible song.”  

As expected, fans nearly lost their chill when they spotted Natti dancing alongside the girl group. It’s not every day we see artists from our communities dancing along with K-pop stars. 

Others are streaming the single over and over, cheerfully sharing this K-pop x Latine collaboration any chance they get.

Check out the music video for “Yummy Yummy Love” below!