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Natanael Cano’s Album Release Fiasco-Unveiling Nata Montana Mishaps

Mexican music sensation Natanael Cano expressed his dissatisfaction with the release of his latest album, Nata Montana, which debuted on June 29. Multiple blunders marred the album’s launch, prompting the disheartened Cano to air his frustrations publicly.

The global appreciation for corridos tumbados, a genre recently catapulted into international spotlight by artists including Natanael Cano, Peso Pluma, and Fuerza Regida, was expected to fuel the success of Nata Montana, Cano’s newest release since the genre’s surge. The album features his hit “AMG”, a collaboration with Peso Pluma and Gabito Ballesteros, as well as his latest track “Pacas De Billetes.” However, missteps during the album’s launch left Cano feeling underwhelmed and upset.

While communicating with his fanbase via Instagram Live, Cano didn’t mince words. “Today, my album came out, and everything is going wrong,” he said. The original plan for Nata Montana included a second collaboration with Gabito Ballesteros on the track “Cuerno Azulado,” but this song was inexplicably excluded from the album. Cano apologized to his fans, saying, “I want to apologize to all the plebes who were waiting for the duet with Gabito Ballesteros. I couldn’t put it out, but I had already accepted that.”

Cano enumerated other issues that plagued the album’s rollout. He stated that Apple Music initially uploaded the album with an incorrect title, and the track “Viejo Lobo” was missing the vocals of guest artist Luis R Conriquez. “They put ‘Nata Montaña.’ They messed up with the title on Apple Music. How is that possible? This is the worst. I have Warner Music and Rancho Humilde working, guey, and they’re doing everything wrong,” he lamented.

While most of these issues have since been corrected, “Cuerno Azulado” remains conspicuously absent from streaming platforms, even though it is listed on the album. On a brighter note, Cano is scheduled to co-headline the Disfruto Lo Malo concert with Junior H at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA, on November 3.


  1. Q: What were the problems with the release of Natanael Cano’s album Nata Montana?
  2. A: Cano was upset with several issues that occurred during the album’s launch. These included the removal of the track “Cuerno Azulado,” Apple Music uploading the album with an incorrect title, and the absence of guest artist Luis R Conriquez’s vocals on the track “Viejo Lobo.”
  3. Q: What is the status of the song “Cuerno Azulado?”
  4. A: As of now, the song “Cuerno Azulado,” a collaboration with Gabito Ballesteros, is not available on streaming platforms despite being listed on the album.
  5. Q: What’s next for Natanael Cano after the album release?
  6. A: Despite the release hiccups, Cano will co-headline the Disfruto Lo Malo concert with Junior H at the Toyota Arena in Ontario, CA, on November 3.


Natanael Cano is a renowned Mexican musician best known for his contribution to the genre of corridos tumbados. Born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, he emerged in the late 2010s as a pioneering figure in the Regional Mexican scene. Cano’s music, often characterized by a unique fusion of traditional corrido and modern trap, has resonated with audiences globally. His albums have featured collaborations with artists like Bad Bunny and Peso Pluma, among others. Despite his young age, Cano’s influential role in his genre has made him a prominent figure in the music industry.