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Motifv Completes Total Eclipse With EP ‘Behind the Moon’

After last month’s Where the Sun Sets EP, Motifv is back with a six-track companion EP Behind the Moon. In celebration of the upcoming solar eclipse April 8th, The Colorado native is officially completing this phase in his career and beginning a new chapter.

Much like an eclipse, Behind the Moon is a phenomenon. Motifv brings jazz, funk, indie and hip hop to his bass music in a Pretty Lights-esque manner. The range of sounds and vibes on the project is a testament to his talent as a producer. “Just A Dream” sets the tone of the EP with syndicated piano, a playful trumpet melody, and wavy bass hits. “Too Late” is a dreamy number with a hip-hop beat that’ll have you involuntarily tapping your foot and nodding your head.

For the occasion, Motifv is also offering a limited edition vinyl package with both EPs. If fans order it before March 29th they’ll receive both the vinyl and a custom pair of Motifv eclipse glasses in time for the April 8th eclipse. Click the link here for more info.

On the EP, Motifv had this to say,

“Behind the Moon” stands as a reflective companion to ‘Where the Sun Sets’, encapsulating both a conclusion and a beginning of a new Motifv chapter. While building on the themes present in Where the Sun Sets, this EP delves deeper into introspection and explores the moments of solitude and contemplation we all face. Echoing the natural phenomenon of the total solar eclipse occurring on April 8th, this companion EP explores the metaphorical interplay of light and shadow in our lives. During an eclipse, the moon obscures the sun, casting a shadow that envelops us in a momentary darkness—a powerful reminder for us of the cycles of hiding and revelation. Where the Sun Sets / Behind the Moon represent a unified journey through self-discovery and evolution, inspired by the worldwide experience of transition soon taking place above.

Stream Behind the Moon below and enjoy!

Motifv – Behind the Moon

-Written By: JD Scribner
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