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When Rosalía’s announced the release of her latest single “SAOKO,” we knew it was a direct reference to Daddy Yankee and Wisin’s 2004 classic reggaeton song “Saoco.” In a recent interview with Apple Music’s ¡Dale Play! Radio, the “Malamente” singer talked about all things MOTOMAMI, which is due on March 18, including giving credit to the reggaeton icons for inspiring her.

“Imagine if Yankee and Wisin hadn’t influenced this song, if it wasn’t for them, this song wouldn’t exist. I have always loved reggaeton, it is something that is part of my memories of the first times I went to the club, it was always dancing reggaeton,” Rosalía said about “SAOKO.” “This song at the end is a tribute, it’s like the most direct tribute you can make to a classic reggaeton song, like ‘Saoco.’ That is why it is such a present influence in this project, because I love it and because it inspires me a lot.” 

Whether fans embraced the tribute or not – what’s for sure is that the song is catchy. I know we’re not the only ones randomly saying “SAOKO, papi, SAOKOOOO” in our head. It’s too good.

Other topics that the Spanish singer-songwriter touched upon included the decision to split the album into two sides. “MOTO” being fit for the more “aggressive” tracks such as “SAOKO,” and the “MAMI” side made fit for the softer, more “fragile” tracks. Furthermore, the album’s title, which has an African origin meaning “movement” and “energy,” also represents a state of being. “MOTOMAMI is an attitude. I think that you can be a ‘motomami’ just because of the way you present yourself to the world,” she explained to the host Sandra Peña.

Well, March 18 can’t come soon enough. We are more than ready to embrace both sides of what MOTOMAMI will offer! Rosalía’s Apple Music ¡Dale Play! Radio interview is out now.