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Mochakk drops off new CircoLoco Records single, ‘Jealous’

Mochakk has finally released his room-filling single, “Jealous.” Out now on CircoLoco Records, “Jealous” has been a staple in the Brazilian talent’s sets for more than a year. Having been played out at some of the best clubs in the world including the famed CircoLoco nights at DC-10 in Ibiza, Mochakk has established himself as one of the most unique artists within tech-house, bringing a fiery energy with animated dance moves that makes “Jealous” prime to be his next big anthem.

Featuring a bassline that kicks in from the first bar, “Jealous” is a momentum-building track, working up to eventual peak with its synths and drum kicks perfectly intertwined. Arguably his most anticipated single to date, Mochakk noted “Jealous” has received the “most support pre-release and [he’s] so stoked to say it’s finally coming out.” A master of music promotion via TikTok, he saw his fame skyrocket with his unique style of DJing filmed closely from the perspective of the crowd. A track that first began it’s virality on TikTok as well, “Jealous” is a surefire bet for Mochakk’s next hit. Stream it below.

Featured image: @qifotomassa/Instagram

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