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Vastive delivers ‘All On Me’ EP via Rude Service

Adding another raucous EP to his discography, Vastive has released his All On Me EP, which is available now for streaming on all platforms via Rude Service. Comprised of five tracks that blend together metal and dubstep, the energy and passion are high from start to finish in this career-defining EP.

With all five tracks on the EP being solo tracks, the mission that Vastive has sought out for in his quest to create music is all too clear. Altogether delivering an unyielding barrage of heavy metal vocals, guitar and unrelenting dubstep, the result is a well-rounded explosion of sound. The All On Me EP comes five months after his previous release—his Animals EP—and the progression in Vastive’s musical career is clear as he continues to surpass expectations. With Rude Service label boss Bear Grillz at the helm of Vastive’s career as his manager, his rise through the ranks has been a wonder to see. Finishing up supporting Sullivan King on his North American bus tour a few months back, Vastive will soon support Level Up and Adventure Club on their upcoming tours.

Speaking on Vastive and the All On Me EP, Rude Service explained the message of the EP and Vastive’s progression, saying,

“The All on Me EP marks the final chapter of the “New Era” of the Vastive project. After travelling across the country, supporting Sullivan King on tour, and countless releases with labels across the genre, Vastive writes about his experience from going from bedroom producer to traveling musician and is leaving his mark by diving deeper into the fusion of metal and bass more than ever before.”

Since finishing up the Sullivan King tour, Vastive has been making moves, playing across the United States and at multiple festivals, including Bass Canyon with a back-to-back performance with Kliptic and an upcoming performance at Lost Lands in September. With Vastive supporting two tours in the new future and compiling a gargantuan arsenal of unreleased music, he’ll assuredly continue to gain traction and become a household name in the future.

Featured image: Vastive

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