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The Disco Biscuits Deliver Space Opera Odyssey ‘Revolution in Motion’

Telling “the story of a group of aliens coming to New York City to freeze and abduct humans in order to study them for the good of their home planet,” The Disco Bicuits‘s new album, Revolution in Motion, takes the listener on a captivating journey, to say the least. Join us in taking a listen to the Philadelphia-based group’s impressive, tenth studio album.

Released in four parts, The Disco Biscuits put a lot of thought into how they would deliver this space opera odyssey. Cinematic vocals are at the helm of every track, catapulting each dramatic production to its maximum potential. The quartet incorporates groovy guitar licks and futuristic synth leads, diversifying the album as a whole.

You can stream Revolution in Motion at the link below. Enjoy!

The Disco Biscuits – Revolution in Motion

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