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Miss Universe Mexico to Accept Trans Women Contestants — Here’s What the New Director Said

Miss Universe Mexico is set to look very different under Cynthia de la Vega. The new Miss Universe Mexico director succeeded Lupita Jones at the helm of the organization tasked with choosing the Mexican representative for the pageant. Now, she has set some clear new rules for what the tournament will look like under her.

New Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip had already made her position clear during an interview with Maxine Woodside on Todo para la Mujer, stating her desire to “renew the franchise” and “push with something fresher.”

De la Vega didn’t just affirm Jakrajutatip’s idea, but gave further details of how that would apply to Miss Universe Mexico by confirming that the Miss Mexico pageant will accept transgender women as contenders starting in 2024. “I think people are very happy, because now this range of options is opening up. Beauty now has no limits, and we want everyone to be part of it,” the former beauty queen and now director said to the press. Many are also assuming that this will include plus-size women as well.

Mexico is set to host next year’s Miss Universe pageant. And this change is monumental as the previous director said, “I have nothing against transgender people, but I think women’s spaces should be kept for women.”

“Very important challenges are coming, not only for me, but for the entire country because we have to show what we are made of. We have to showcase our gastronomy, our tourism, all the beautiful things we have in Mexico, and all the great things we have to offer,” de la Vega said, choosing not to focus on the past, and instead look forward to a more inclusive future for the pageant she is now in charge of.

“Whatever happened before is not what we are experiencing right now. I am happy with this moment and we will see all the changes and all the good things that come in the future, in this new era.”