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Man Posts ‘Post-Coital’ Exit Survey for Women His Roommate Dates

Dating can be a little difficult if you have roommates. For one man seemingly named Isaac, it’s likely become downright awkward after his prankster housemate posted up a “post-coital” survey for the man’s, well, overnight guests to fill out.

On Reddit, the anonymous roommate shared a viral photo of the “post-coital” survey he created to help “improve quality” and ensure satisfaction for his pal, as well as the women who stay with Isaac overnight.

Titled “Isaac’s Post-Coital Survey,” the first question on the survey asks, “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being completely satisfied, how satisfied were you expecting to be?”

Hilariously, and perhaps brutally, the scale stops at 6.

“How would you describe your satisfaction with this interaction?” the second survey question reads. Possible answers include: “Not at all satisfied,” “slightly satisfied” and “somewhat satisfied.”

“Are you planning to return in the future?” another question reads.

The survey also includes a “handy ruler for reference,” though we won’t begin to speculate about what it’s meant to measure or why it stops at 4 inches.

See the post-coital exit survey below:

@themedicd via

@themedicd via


In the comments section, some Reddit users predicted a less-than-positive outcome from the gag survey.

Others, however, suggested additional questions that could help impact Isaac’s love life for the better.

“How did you learn about Isaac? Tinder / Bar / Class / Work / Other,” one user proposed.

“What about Isaac made you decide to sleep with him?” another wrote.

“Discount code for referral,” someone else suggested.

“How likely are you to recommend Isaac to a friend?” another user commented.

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