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Pepe Aguilar Criticizes Bad Bunny’s Horseback Riding – Here’s What He Said

Pepe Aguilar is giving his two cents on Benito’s horseback riding dilemma. After PETA called out Bad Bunny for using a real horse during his Most Wanted Tour, Aguilar shared his opinion on the Puerto Rican singer’s horseback riding decision and the animal rights nonprofit organization’s comments.

Last week, PETA blasted El Conejo Malo online. After seeing that the latter part of his concert involved a breathing animal, the organization wrote: “@Bad Bunny, why did you think it was a good idea to expose a horse to the noise, lights, fog and screams of thousands of people? The horse looks stressed and clearly DOESN’T WANT TO BE THERE. Please, do not include animals in your shows. They want to live in peace, and not be used for your spectacle.” 

This commentary didn’t sit well with some fans. Some online users started to call out other Mexican artists, like Aguilar, who often horseback ride during their concerts as part of their spectacles. Consequently, during an interview with Maxine Woodside, the “Por Mujeres Como Tú” singer was asked to weigh in on the controversy.

“About Bad Bunny, I think he is re-güey, he shouldn’t have done it because he doesn’t know how to ride and he looked bad… Since he doesn’t know how to ride, he doesn’t have an idea,” the música mexicana icon said about Benito. He also said that the horse didn’t look nervous but looked calm.

“The PETA people, with all due respect, need to know what they’re getting into because that horse didn’t have a problem,” he continued. “Or what, did they get into the horse’s head to feel the nerves he was feeling from the smoke and the air at that moment in the arena? Please, man, let’s not say foolish things!”

He reiterated: “The horse didn’t have the problem. Bad Bunny has the problem because he doesn’t know how to ride and he looked awful not knowing how to ride – OK – awful.” He also said that Benito was the only one in danger in the situation because he looked like he was going to fall.

This isn’t the first time Aguilar has been asked his opinion on pop culture moments. In the past, the charro expressed his view against corridos tumbados, which he described as “mediocre, cheap, and pinche” at the time. Since then, it appears he’s had a change of heart.

As of last night’s most recent show in Phoenix, AZ, the “DAKITI” singer still comes out on horseback during the latter half of his show. He has yet to comment on the situation.