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There’s a Bad Bunny AI Song Going Viral – & He Might Be Pissed About It

Bad Bunny is expressing his feelings online. On Nov. 6, the Puerto Rican superstar revealed his sentiments about what appears to be a fake Bad Bunny AI-generated song that’s going viral on TikTok – and it seems he’s heated about it.

Yesterday (Nov. 6), he brought attention to the viral AI song on his WhatsApp channel: “there are people who I’m in understanding with and people who I’m not… there are people I connect with and people I don’t connect with….” 

He continued: “if you guys like that shitty song that is viral on tiktok, get out of this group right now. You don’t deserve to be my friends and that’s why I made the new album, to get rid of people like that. So chu chu chu out.” He then wrote “charros,” and said he doesn’t want to see these types of people on his tour. 

Today (Nov. 7), he went back online to say that he was referring to the “chu chu tren y el mono amarillo” song. He brightened up the mood by wishing his fans a beautiful Tuesday and by asking if they wanted coffee. 

Though it’s unclear which AI song he’s upset about – or even if he’s actually upset over it – fans have a lot to say about the situation. A TikTok user, lizbethpalafox13, wrote: “I think he realized he messed up and is backtracking.”

Some social media users are giving the song more attention by posting videos of them dancing to the AI-generated track. Bad Gyal, who is name-dropped on the fake Bad Bunny song, posted a video of her singing the song but then deleted the post.

Other social media users, just found out about the song thanks to el Conejo Malo himself. An X user wrote: “This is how I found out there was an AI bad bunny song trending papi be careful ur giving it publicity.”

The AI-generated song people are reposting is called “Demo 5 Nostalgia” by FLOWGPTMUSIC. Whether or not that’s the track Benito is specifically referring to is unknown since he didn’t specify, the robot creator responded to the “MONACO” singer’s messages. He said he’s a fan of his work and that they could make history if Bad Bunny would record it. He then says he will post another version of it if Benito takes it down.

Whatever the case may be behind Benito’s emotions, he ended up deleting all of his TikToks on his official page.