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Maid-of-Honor Gives ‘Disastrous’ Wedding Speech

A guest who recently attended a wedding was shocked when the maid-of-honor claimed she didn’t “really know” the bride during her speech, which was an overall “disaster.”

“The bride had both a Maid of Honor, who was apparently a life-long friend of the groom, and a Matron of Honor, who was a long-time friend of the bride,” the guest explained on Reddit.

“When the time came for speeches, the Maid of Honor stood in front of ~200 people. She was wearing a black sports bra under her bridesmaid dress. She started by saying, ‘I was surprised when Kelly asked me to be Maid of Honor as I feel like we just met and I don’t really know her,'” the anonymous guest continued, adding that the Maid of Honor had actually known the bride, Kelly, for “a few years.”

“She then went on about how she feels she hardly knows Kelly and ended with ‘…even if they get divorced, Kelly always has an easy time finding men,'” the Reddit user recalled, noting they sat there “stunned.”

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Unfortunately, things got even more awkward when the Matron of Honor, who has known the bride for “nearly 20 years,” gave her speech. Kelly had briefly dated the Matron of Honor’s brother in high school.

“The Matron of Honor used her speech to talk at length about how happy she was when Kelly was dating her brother and how she always hoped they’d wind up being family, how happy Kelly seemed when she was dating the brother, and how her brother is still single. End of speech. That was it,” the guest shared.

Reddit users expressed their shock in the comments section.

“Seems to me like those speeches were thought out. Like as in, they meant it to be unpleasant,” one person wrote.

“That sounds painful. Jesus, the best man could have taken a dump on the table and still looked better than those two,” another commented.

“That’s why there should also be a Master of Ceremony who approves of such speeches. But my god what a couple of ‘friends’ she chose… These two did show their true colors. Wish the best to the happy couple!” someone else shared.

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