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Image of Boza singer of SIN SOL

Boza Finds Love and Inspiration on His Album Sin Sol

Sin Sol is the third studio album by Boza, a rising star in the Latin urban music scene. Released on June 15, 2023 by Sony Music Latin, the album showcases Boza’s versatility and creativity as he explores different genres and moods, from reggaeton and dancehall to pop and R&B. But the common thread that ties the 13 tracks together is love: Boza’s personal experience of falling in love with someone who inspired him to write these songs.

The album title, which means “without sun” in Spanish, reflects Boza’s feeling of being lost without his lover’s presence. He sings about the highs and lows of romance, from the initial attraction and passion to the doubts and insecurities that arise along the way. He also collaborates with other talented artists, such as Dalex, Beéle, and Kenia OS, who add their own flavor and perspective to the songs.

Some of the highlights of Sin Sol include:

  • Talismán: The opening track and lead single of the album, a catchy and upbeat reggaeton song that celebrates Boza’s lucky charm: his lover. He compares her to a talisman that protects him from evil and brings him good fortune.
  • Volar: A collaboration with Puerto Rican singer Dalex, a smooth and sensual dancehall song that invites Boza’s lover to fly away with him and escape their problems. The song also has a colorful and cinematic music video that shows the two artists on a road trip across California.
  • Rompeolas (Acústica): A stripped-down version of one of Boza’s previous hits, a heartfelt ballad that expresses his longing for his lover who is far away. He compares her to a wave breaker that calms his stormy sea.
  • Qué Prefieres?: A duet with Colombian sensation Beéle, a playful and catchy pop song that challenges Boza’s lover to choose between him and her other options. He asks her what she prefers: him or her ex, him or her friends, him or her freedom.
  • Ocean: A collaboration with Mexican influencer and singer Kenia OS, a tropical and breezy pop song that celebrates Boza’s love for his muse. He compares her to an ocean that he wants to dive into and explore.

Sin Sol is a testament to Boza’s growth and evolution as an artist, as well as his ability to connect with his fans through his honest and relatable lyrics. The album is a musical journey that takes listeners through Boza’s world of love, where he finds his inspiration and happiness.

About Boza

Boza is a Panamanian singer-songwriter who rose to fame during the COVID-19 pandemic with his viral hit “Hecha Pa Mi”, which reached over one billion streams on Spotify. His real name is Humberto Ceballos, and he started his musical career in 2016 with his debut EP Sonrisas Tristes. He is known for his distinctive voice and style, which blends reggaeton, dancehall, trap, and pop influences. He has collaborated with artists such as Sech, Farruko, Wisin, Myke Towers, and Jhay Cortez. He is considered one of the leading figures of the new generation of Latin urban music.