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Liver Check: Black Twitter Discusses Hood Classic Cocktail Incredible Hulk

For those who imbibe and are of a certain age, there are many drink combos that should have never made it to our lips. One of those hood classics is the Incredible Hulk, a mixture of and Hyptoniq that, when combined, created a greenish drink and Black Twitter has seemingly rediscovered it.

Internet blogger and YouTube personality @dontihammond shared a tweet Friday afternoon (Jan. 17) quizzing Twitter on what the drink was called featuring a bottle of the Hen-Rock and the smurf juice on the side, with a complete cocktail chilling on ice.

Those who remember the green-tinged headache inducer immediately chimed in to answer what the drink was, and of course, has the cocktail trending with hilarious commentary and jokes. The drink was a favorite of the early 2000s, and apparently, it got its start on an Army base if the following Wikipedia entry is true.

From Wikipedia:

The drink was created originally by U.S Army soldiers at Ft. HOOD Texas in 2004. It was made renowned at a Hpnotiq launch event by a restaurant bartender at Sean Combs’ New York City restaurant, Justin’s. A Hpnotiq employee (Hpnotiq spokesperson Antonio Harer) noticed many women but few men drinking his company’s liquor, because the men considered the blue, fruity drink to be too effeminate. Victor Alvarez, a bartender at the restaurant, mixed Hennessy with Hpnotiq to dilute the fruity flavor, resulting in a green beverage that quickly became a hit

It isn’t known if that entry is true or not, yet the Incredible Hulk remains as one of the drinks that current oldheads downed in droves back in the days and most likely regretted every decision made thereafter.

We’ve collected some of the best responses to the trending topic below.

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