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LISTEN: Yng Lvcas & Peso Pluma’s ‘La Bebé’ Gets a David Guetta Remix

One of the biggest songs of the year is getting remixed by David Guetta. Mexican singers Yng Lvcas and Peso Pluma teamed up with the French DJ for a new version of “La Bebé,” released last night. 

Yng Lvcas has become Mexico’s biggest reggaeton star thanks to “La Bebé.” The song became a hit this year when he joined forces with corridos tumbados star Peso Pluma for the remix. A fan of the song is Guetta, who put his own spin on the sexy track.

“I’m thrilled and excited to expand my reach in Europe and other territories that I hadn’t explored before,” Yng Lvcas said in a statement. “With this important collaboration, I will be able to reach even more listeners. I’m also excited to collaborate with David [Guetta] and looking forward to the opportunity of meeting him in person and working together at some point.”

In his remix of “La Bebé,” Guetta completely overhauls the reggaeton beats of the song. He turns Yng Lvcas and Peso Pluma’s hit collaboration into a house music banger. Through this EDM version, “La Bebé” could get played at the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. 

Yng Lvcas is proving his success is bigger than “La Bebé.” His EP Six Jewels 23 debuted at No. 5 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Albums chart this week. He blended reggaeton with elements of regional Mexican music. 

On the Six Jewels 23 EP, Yng Lvcas teamed up with Puerto Rican reggaetonero Justin Quiles for the song “Wazap.” The EP also includes collaborations with Sleazy O and Bounce Bosses. Yng Lvcas released the EP last month, which made the cutoff for the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards. He has a good shot to appear in the Best New Artist category after his breakthrough success with “La Bebé.” 

Listen to David Guetta’s remix of “La Bebé” below.