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LISTEN: Yailin La Más Viral Calls out Anuel AA in ‘Narcisista’

Yailin La Más Viral is finally speaking out about her last relationship. Today (June 9), the Dominican rapper and singer released “Narcisista,” a bachata tune about a self-centered ex-lover.

The new track, produced by Gaston and Emy Luziano, shows a different side of the social media star. It starts out with an acoustic guitar intro and quickly turns to a bachata-driven song, as opposed to her signature dembow anthems. The lyrics give an intimate look into her personal life, mentioning a narcissistic love that no longer deserves to be a main character in her story.

In the chorus, she sings: “Egoísta, mentiroso, narcisista / Ya no toy’ en ti no insistas / En mi película no eres protagonista [Selfish, liar, narcissist / I’m not with you anymore, don’t insist / You are not the protagonist in my movie],” making it clear she’s done with her ex-partner. 

Perhaps the verse that hits the hardest and directly refers to her past relationship with Anuel AA the most is: “Llora / Ahora prefiero estar sola / El karma te va’ devolver pa’tra’ / Real Hasta La Muerte / Y te Volviste nah’ / Te volviste nah’ [Cry / Now I’d rather be alone / Karma will pay you back / Real Hasta La Muerte / And you became nothing / You became nothing],” where she shouts out Anuel’s popular “Real Hasta La Muerte” phrase. 

Fans are praising her bravery, writing her messages of encouragement. A YouTube user, Ines Batista, wrote: “This woman is here for us to raise our spirits, our self-esteem, our pride, and despite what they think, we can do it, yes, we can!” Another YouTube user, Confieso, said: “I really love this song ???????????❤️❤️ I LOVE IT ! Women who love and respect each other ! We all can fall into the hands of bad men but the most important thing is not to stay with them and move forward. Yailin QUEEN.”

This track comes after Anuel publicly trolled and posted online about his ex-girlfriend Karol G and her rumored boyfriend, Feid. As for Yailin, she’s set to headline the inaugural Mujeres Del Movimiento event, which features an all-Dominican female artists lineup.

The song’s music video will reportedly come out next week. Listen to “Narcisista” below.