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LISTEN: Is Christian Nodal Releasing a Song About Belinda?

There’s a leaked audio of Christian Nodal’s alleged next single circulating the web. In the short clip, the Mexican singer’s heard crooning about a past lover – could it be that he’s singing about his ex-fiancé Belinda?


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♬ sonido original – Santiago Villalobos ?️?

On the 32-second TikTok video, Nodal sings: “Hoy me atacan los recuerdos, tu fantasma sigue aquí / No me cuida por las noches solo se burla de mi [Today I’m attacked by memories, your ghost is still here / It doesn’t take care of me at night it only mocks at me].”

The song clip concludes with: “Yo aquí sigo tomando y voy a de mal en peor / Porque ya me entere que estas con alguien / Que te dice que te ama mas que yo / Sigo perdido en este vacío amor [I’m still drinking here and I’m going from bad to worse / Because I found out you’re with someone / Who says he loves you more than me / I’m still lost in this empty love].”

Based on the lyrics, social media users think it’s about none other than Belinda. TikTok user @_BeautyLiz said: “For the princess of pop? well said she was the love of his life.” Another TikTok user, Betty Marin892, said: “It’s hard to forget your eternal love Belly… I have hope that they get back together, it’s worth dreaming about ? for both of you.”

However, other social media users are concerned about how this potential new single would affect his current love status. TikTok user 21_Linda wrote: “They are very direct lyrics ???? Cazzu doesn’t feel bad for his feelings being so explicit?” While they haven’t publicly “defined the relationship,” Nodal has been recently spotted with Argentinian trap artist Cazzu on multiple occasions.

As for Belinda, she’s been busy sharing content on her social media about being out and about with her friend Jared Leto.

Whether or not the song’s dedicated to Belinda, what’s clear is that Nodal is exploring a more acoustic pop ballad style with this alleged new track. Before this, we’ve heard Nodal’s rapping abilities on the diss track towards J Balvin. Could it be that the “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos” singer is experimenting with different sounds for his future music releases?