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LISTEN: Anuel AA & Arcángel Keep Beef Going With 2 New Diss Tracks

Amidst their very public beef, Arcángel and Anuel AA are not backing down. Anuel AA responded to Arcángel’s diss track with “Glock Glock Glock” last night (Dec. 17). But that’s not the only update — Arcángel unleashed another tiraera this morning.

Arcángel and Anuel AA’s beef appears to stem from their relationship with Frabián Eli Carrion. Anuel AA terminated Carrion’s services as his manager last year, who happens to be Arcángel’s brother-in-law. Anuel AA and his team reportedly clashed with Carrion in the home of Arcángel’s sister. That was the final straw for Arcángel, who released his diss track “FN8” against Anuel AA on Dec. 10. Rochy RD and Ozuna were also caught in the crossfire of Arcángel’s words.

Exactly a week later, Anuel AA responded to Arcángel with his diss track “Glock Glock Glock.” While lyrically going in on Arcángel, Anuel AA name-checks a bunch of other artists, like mentioning Bad Bunny twice when he says that Arcángel can’t score a hit without him. He adds that he and J Balvin think Eladio Carrión is the “King of Trap” but shouldn’t downplay the work of other traperos. Anuel AA also mentions his previous beef with Cosculluela and says he has more respect for him than Arcángel. “Another legend that I had to retire,” he says in reference to adding Arcángel to his hit list. While expressing his condolences for Arcángel’s late brother Justin Santos, Anuel AA claims that Arcángel included Justin on his Sr. Santos album cover out of convenience. 

Shortly after the release of “Glock Glock Glock,” Arcángel revealed that he would release his second diss track against Anuel AA called “El Narcan.” The title is a reference to the medication used to revive someone from an overdose. In Spanish, Arcángel says, “Sniff this narcan to come back to life, cabrón.” He alleges that Anuel AA is struggling with substance abuse issues. As of press time, Anuel AA hasn’t responded to “El Narcan.”

Listen to Arcángel’s “El Narcan” below.