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#LHHATL: Karlie Redd Reveals She Is Married Then Beefs With Sierra Immediately After

Last week on , the episode ended on a cliffhanger with the ladies showing up to a funeral home with Karlie Redd standing over a casket. This week’s episode picks right up at that moment.

In what was a very eye-rolling scene, Karlie Redd reveals to the ladies that she was married in the most dramatic way possible and scaring her friends in the process. Redd explains that in the casket is her secret marriage to Arkansas Mo, and that spectacle was to announce that she is burying it.

The ladies are, of course, confused and shocked to learn that Karlie is married, but still, a bit bothered, she decided to use this stunt. Karlie reveals she is ready for a divorce and shares a photo of Mo in her bed with a prostitute, but that wasn’t the only thing forcing her to get a divorce. Redd reveals that the anger management class that she and Mo took together didn’t work, and life with her husband was rough.

What a waste of a scene.

Moving on, we finally meet new LHHATL cast member LightskinKeisha. Following her interesting performance at the hosted by Young Joc, we learn more about her. Apparently, Joc is cool with her boyfriend, Cocavongo. Following her performance, Keisha and Coca catch up with Joc and Shekinah and reveals she recorded a song with Scrappy. Keisha points out that Scrappy put the song up on his Instagram account before quickly deleting it. Keisha believes that Scrappy acts differently because of Bambi being around.


Remember last week, Sierra was crying her eyes out at the prospect of going to jail? Well, today is her big court day. Sierra flanked by her family, and BK is at the court, but one person is missing… Karlie. Apparently, Ms. Redd got caught up in traffic and is running late. Typical Karlie. Back at the court, after telling his baby mama that he wouldn’t be testifying on her behalf, Shooter shows up for support and Sierra.

Sierra asks Shooter if he is going in the courtroom to testify on her behalf, but he quickly shuts that down, and Sierra wants to know why the hell he is at the courthouse? BK sides with Shooter, and that makes Sierra even more upset. It’s time to go inside, and Karlie is still a no show.

Once inside, Sierra’s attorney convinces the judge to move Sierra’s trial to a later date giving them time to acquire video evidence that she did not have a fight with Shooter’s baby mother. Sierra is also highly upset that Karlie, who claims she showed up at the wrong courthouse, was missing in action.

Speaking of Karlie, we catch up with Alexis Sky and Akbar V, and their struggle storylines. Akbar tells her buddy Alexis that she wasn’t feeling how she ran up on Karlie at Rasheeda and Kirk’s 20th-anniversary party. Alexis reveals that Mo tried to get with her while she was pregnant and that he stole money from her family.

Alexis also claims that Karlie told her that she would spit on her mom, and that’s where the issue stems from. BUT she did say she is open to having a conversation with Karlie instead of fighting.

She and Karlie do eventually talk, and Karlie reveals that she only said she would spit on her mom because Alexis’ male family members robbed her and Mo after they finished shopping. Alexis claims she didn’t know anything about that and would never cosign any behavior like that, and she apologizes to Karlie.

Alexis also claims she never slept with Mo, but Karlie doesn’t believe that and claims she has receipts that Alexis and Mo have messed around with each other.

Back to Karlie and her divorce situation, she and Rasheeda go see a divorce attorney. On their way to the attorney’s office, they discuss the whole Alexis Sky situation with Karlie revealing that Mo told her he messed around with Alexis in the past, and she’s just trying to sue him. Once they get to the attorney’s office, Karlie reveals to him that she and Mo haven’t been in a good place and that he hasn’t been faithful, and she is ready to move on with her life.

Momma Dee is back at home following her successful surgery. She is driving her husband, Ernest, crazy.

Meanwhile, Joc, who for some reason now has a job as a ride-share driver is bringing Scrappy to his momma’s palace. On their way there, Joc brings up the whole LightskinKeisha situation, and Scrappy breaks it all down. Scrappy tells Joc that Kiesha’s boyfriend, Coca, was dating Bambi’s friend Amy while he was messing around with Keisha. Scrappy is all for peace in his home and sides with Bambi on the situation. That’s why he posted the song and then decided to take it down.

When they finally reach Momma Dee’s house, she pulls Joc to the side to tell him that she is throwing a surprise birthday party for her son.

Finally, its the night of Sierra’s big event, and she already let Bambi know that she didn’t want Karlie at her party. BUT that doesn’t stop Karlie from still showing up. Immediately Sierra and Karlie have a discussion about the court incident. Karlie explains that she made it to the courthouse but that Sierra gave her the wrong courtroom number, and by the time she found the right one, Sierra was gone.

Sierra takes the response and walks away but observes Karlie having a conversation with Rasheeda about the whole incident. Sierra is reading Karlie’s lips as she tells Rasheeda that she isn’t a true friend, and she missed her event to hang out with Stevie J. Sierra decides to reenter the conversation and explain that was not the case and that she was meeting her attorney, and Stevie j just happened to be there. Karlie doesn’t believe her, Sierra gets fed up and mushes Karlie and two women get to scrapping, and the episode ends.

They love leaving us with a cliffhanger, any way you can peep all the reactions to the episode below.

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