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Kenia Os’ ‘Pink Aura’ is Finally Out – Here Are the Highlights

Kenia Os is proving why she’s that girl. On Apr. 24, the Mexican pop star released her newest album Pink Aura, cementing her glittery pop signature sounds while tastefully experimenting with new genres. She also released her new music video for “Kitty” with Argentinean singer La Joaqui.

Pink Aura’s intro song “La OG” sets a fiery, badassery tone that is present throughout the LP. It continues with “Tortura,” a bass-forward, groovy pop track that embodies the sounds she’s now known for. Other tracks that capture her funky, bubblegum aesthetic include “Ojo X Ojo,”  the futuristic, trap-tinged “Big Bang,” and the Doja Cat-esque “F* OFF” with Bella Poarch. 

The album also features more emotional songs like the slowed-down ballad “Es Así” and lustful and sultry tunes like “Solo Una Vez,” “OMG, and “Complete.” Throughout the jam-packed album, the Mexican star sings in Spanish yet sprinkles words in English, a bilingual wordplay trend that’s common nowadays as seen on Danna’s CHILDSTAR and even Young Miko’s att. rencently. 

What makes this album worth listening to, though, is Kenia’s openness to exploring outside the confines of her previous hits like “Malas Decisiones,” a sonic identity she’s come to be known for. We hear a new side from the Sinaloan artist in “Kitty” alongside La Joaqui – which ushers us into her risqué perreo era that she’s dabbled in before. However, the collaboration that proves she’s zoning in el bellakeo is the pulsating “Mamita Rica” with Yeri Mua and Ghetto Kids. With “Mamita Rica,” the enticing artists prove that there’s a reggaeton mexa scene brewing and about to hit the mainstream. 

Another song that shows Kenia’s experimental side is the previously released drum’n’bass-inspired “Bobo” with Álvaro Díaz, which expands her electronic soundscape. Moreover, a notable showstopper is “VIP,” which features hard-hitting boricua Villano Antillano. The fast-paced club-ready bop reminds her listeners that life should be drama-free and that they’re the main characters. This makes it a fan-favorite contender from the get-go–and we can’t wait to see her fans’ reaction.

Pink Aura follows Kenia’s second album K23 (2022), and debut LP Cambios de Luna (2022). Pink Aura is out now.

Check out the music video for “Kitty” below.