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Karol G Has Parted Ways With Her Blue Hair: “Next Level Unlocked”

There’s no denying that blue hair has become a major identifier for Karol G — to the point in which fans wear it to her performances in support of the superstar, including her viral Coachella set. It has become a part of her identity for those who have followed her career over the years. But in a recent story on Instagram, Karol G started to let her fans know that she’s bringing in a new era in her life — and she’s marking it with new hair.

The music artist shared a heartfelt message on Instagram as a love letter to her blue hair. In the letter, she shared that she went on a trip with friends to bucket list destinations and enjoyed one last romp with the electric blue locks of joy and celebration.

“Hello!!! I don’t know where to start,” Karol G started the letter in Spanish. “But what I am going to say comes from the bottom of my heart. I want to tell you that I have decided that now is the time to change my blue hair, which you all love so much.”

She continued: “I want to thank everyone who loved this era… I’m definitely ready for everything that’s happening next. Next level unlocked. And no, I don’t have blue hair anymore, but I know that we’re all going to love what’s coming next. Los amo puessssssss.”

Karol announced that the hair transformation had already happened — and shared the last photo she took with her blue tresses. And it seems that she might have a big reveal in the works as she made sure to hide her hair during a surprise performance with Tiësto this past weekend at Tomorrowland. 

Fans are already sharing what hair color they want to see Karol G rocking after her blue hair era. Honestly, we wouldn’t be opposed to the return of her silver hair, but maybe it’s time for something entirely new.

We love the blue hair and hate to see it leave, but this is a perfect and beautiful send-off. You can tell that this decision wasn’t easy to make, but it’s exciting to see what’s next for the singer, as in different genres like k-pop, a hair change signifies a new album. Are you hinting at something, Karol?