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Image of Karol G Colombian singer

Karol G & Eslabon Armado Rule 2023 Premios Tu Música Urbano

The night was ablaze with raw talent and enchanting rhythms at the 2023 Premios Tu Música Urbano. Reigning supreme were none other than Karol G and Eslabon Armado, who, between them, swept most of the awards in a grand display of musical prowess.

Karol G, the unparalleled queen of reggaeton, sent waves through the audience with her electrifying performance and ended the night with a sweeping win. With her sensational charisma and soul-shaking rhythms, she left an indelible mark on everyone present. Catch her latest updates on Spotify and Twitter.

Eslabon Armado, the charming trio known for their intoxicating corridos tunes, also walked away as major winners. Their soulful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics won over the hearts of the judges and the audience alike.

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.” – Stevie Wonder.

Adding yet another feather to her cap, Elena Rose conquered the stage at the 2023 Premios Tu Música Urbano. Her exceptional musical talent, coupled with her powerhouse performances, elevated her into the spotlight as she clinched a prestigious award. Elena’s music, with its intoxicating blend of soulful lyrics and infectious beats, continues to shape the future of Latin pop, proving that she’s indeed a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye on her Spotify and Twitter for all the latest updates. The 2023 Premios Tu Música Urbano bore testimony to the immense talent in the urban music genre. And for those who missed the event, you can catch the highlights here.

About The Artists

Karol G, a Colombian reggaeton sensation, is widely recognized for her unique vocal style and strong stage presence. Since her debut in 2010, she has carved out a successful career, gaining global recognition for her infectious Latin rhythms and compelling lyrics.

Eslabon Armado, a Mexican trio, has taken the world of corridos tumbados by storm. Their emotive music, striking harmonies, and evocative lyrics have earned them a massive following, both within and outside Mexico.

These artists are not just musicians but symbols of the urban music revolution. Their sweeping success at the 2023 Premios Tu Música Urbano just proves that the world is ready to dance to their beats. So join us as we celebrate these icons here.