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Kali Uchis Celebrates Birth of First Child with Don Toliver in Heartfelt Post — See It Here

Congrats to Kali Uchis and Don Toliver on becoming parents for the first time! In a heartfelt post on social media today (March 14), Uchis revealed that she gave birth to their son.

Back in January, Uchis revealed that she had a baby on the way with Toliver, who is a rapper. The Colombian-American pop star proudly flaunted her baby bump in the music video for her songs “Tu Corazón Es Mío” and “Diosa.” In the “Diosa” part of the video, Uchis portrayed her pregnancy in a beautiful way, with flowers emerging from her stomach.

In an Instagram post at the time, she wrote to their baby, “Don’t take too long to get here little pooks, mom & dad can’t wait to share our life with you.”

That special day finally came, and Uchis gave birth to her son with Toliver. She revealed the news in a post on Instagram. In a video, Uchis lays in a hospital bed with her bundle of joy in her arms. Toliver is also there and beams with joy as he holds their son. They both shower the baby with plenty of love. Uchis also reflected on the experience in the post.

“you are everything we could have hoped for & more,” she wrote. “Thank you God for our beautiful healthy baby boy, & thank you all for the Good energy along the way. may our home & your homes forever be blessed with peace, happiness & health.”

In the comments of the Instagram post, many artists have congratulated Uchis and Toliver on the birth of their child. The Marías wrote, “Congratulations angels!!!” Buscabulla added, “Felicidades familia.” They also received love from Halle Bailey, the City Girls’ JT, and Kehlani in the comments.

Kali Uchis released her second Latine music album Orquídeas in January. The LP boasts her global hit “Igual Que Un Ángel” featuring Peso Pluma.