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Jenna Ortega Goes Viral for Smoking & Her Mom Responds in the Most Latina Way

A video of Jenna Ortega smoking went viral earlier this week. The footage shows the Wednesday star hanging out with a friend and puffing away on a cigarette.

Reactions online seemed split between people who didn’t think the smoking was a big deal since Ortega is an adult and can make her own choices and people who hoped she would quit the bad habit.

Some people wondered if Ortega was being a good role model for kids who have grown up watching her on Disney shows like Stuck in the Middle or fans who watch her now playing Wednesday Addams on Netflix.

But does that really matter since Ortega was smoking on her own time? It’s not like director Tim Burton asked her to smoke a cigarette during a scene on the TV series.

Others used the viral moment to make jokes.

Someone who didn’t find anything funny about Ortega smoking was her mom, Natalie Ortega. In her Instagram Stories, she posted a video that was exactly how a Latina mom in the 21st century would react to seeing a video of their 20-year-old daughter smoking.

The video went over the possible health effects that come with smoking, including lung cancer, cataracts, and gum disease. It also featured a photo of Gollum, the power-hungry Lord of the Rings character with blackened teeth. “Don’t believe those lies about cigarettes being bad for you,” the meme reads. “I’ve been smoking for most of my 21 years and I feel great.”

We’re going to guess that Jenna Ortega got a call from her mom, too.