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Is Eduin Caz Returning to Music? – Here’s What He Said

Is Eduin Caz making a comeback soon? On Nov. 6, the Mexican artist posted an Instagram story of him at a recording studio. Despite publicly explaining his medical reasons for leaving the stages in August, social media users now wonder if he’s returning to the music scene.

Although Caz wrapped up his tour with Grupo Firme in San Luis Potosí on Aug. 26, the música mexicana figurehead hasn’t been completely off the radar. For example, he performed with Gerardo “El Jerry” Coronel en El Palenque Tijuana de la Feria de Tijuana 2023 on Sept. 1. Now, it looks like he’s back making music. On his Instagram story post, he wrote: “Because you asked for it, beautiful family. I am going to gift you some songs that you are going to love.” The post’s photo featured him in front of a studio microphone with headphones on. The studio’s location was tagged in Miami, FL. 

However, he then posted another Instagram story shutting down rumors of him returning to perform on stage. He posted: “Thank you for your messages, believe me, I appreciate it very much. But I’m not returning to the stages (yet). Relax, I’ll only give you music that I’m sure you’ll like. Yes, I miss all that desmadre but I think I’m okay this way.”

In July, the Mexican singer revealed he was retiring from music through an Instagram post. “It’s not the end of the group, I’m not going to become a soloist, I’m just saying goodbye because from what I see I only have 3 dates left to complete and I’m going to get my life back 😎🙏🏻♥️.” 

Later, he revealed the personal reason behind his decision during a concert in San Luis Potosí (Aug. 26). He cited he underwent surgery because his Barrett’s esophagus condition turned into cancer. During his speech, his brother Jhonny Caz told the audience: “We defeated cancer!” 

Though it’s unconfirmed if his new music will feature Grupo Firme or not, we’ll keep an eye out for the “En Tu Perra Vida” singer’s next musical chapter.