The Australian streetwear initiative and social enterprise has collaborated with the two iconic brands in its latest effort to fight youth homelessness

Launched in 1971, the Smiley has been a fixture in various countercultural movements for more than 50 years. The iconic symbol – a grinning, yellow face – has popped up everywhere from the hedonistic acid house movement of Thatcher’s Britain, to the contemporary fight for climate justice, spreading a message of defiant positivity. Now, it’s set to become the face of change once again, taking centre stage in a collaborative project with Champion, and the Australian social enterprise and streetwear initiative HoMie.

HoMie (AKA Homelessness of Melbourne incorporated enterprise) has teamed up with Champion and Smiley to launch a first-of-its-kind clothing collection, titled Start With A Smile. Referencing Smiley’s longtime slogan – ”Take the Time to Smile” – this collection aims to kickstart a “kindness revolution” by encouraging conversation, forging connections, and, of course, putting a smile on people’s faces.

“A smile. It’s as simple as that to make someone’s day,” says Champion’s AUS NZ marketing manager, Christie Madsen. “It’s an impactful message we’re so proud to share.”

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The clothes themselves include a range of genderless sweatshirts, each featuring a playful interpretation of the three brands’ logos. Besides sparking joy, the collection will yield material benefits for those that need them most. 100 per cent of HoMie’s profits help the organisation achieve its ongoing mission to provide clothing, training, and job opportunities to young people affected by homelessness or hardship.

The limited-edition collaboration with Champion also marks a new step in the label’s relationship with HoMie – since 2019, Champion has also offered young people employment opportunities through the social enterprise’s long-running Pathway Alliance Program. 

“We are incredibly excited by this next iteration of our ongoing relationship with Champion,” says HoMie CEO and co-founder Nick Pearce. “To be represented alongside two iconic global brands is such a proud moment or us. It certainly elevates our own to a whole new level.”

You can shop the Champion x HoMie x Smiley collaboration in Champion stores both in-person and online, as well as on HoMie’s website.