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Here Are the Spanish-Language Singers on Spotify’s Artists to Watch 2024

Spotify is continuing to support up-and-coming artists in our communities. On Jan. 10, the music platform revealed its Artists to Watch 2024 list from its Viva Latino playlist, which includes artists like Xavi, Chino Pacas, and Bellakath. 

Each year, Spotify predicts which artists will make an impact in the music industry. The popular streaming service usually chooses 40 names from four of their most-listened-to editorial playlists: the hip-hop driven RapCaviar’s Most Necessary, the top Latin hits playlist Viva Latino, the country playlist Hot Country, and the playlist Are & Be’s R&B Rising for emerging artists in that genre. However, this year, Spotify is launching a brand new Artists To Watch playlist highlighting its Top 10 artists across an expansion of genres. It will now have a total of 90 artists, including emerging singers in genres like indie, folk, pop, and dance. 

For 2024, the Viva Latino playlist features names already making waves in their fields. The artist roster includes viral Mexican reggaeton star Bellakath, música mexicana artist Chino Pacas, el movimiento Puerto Rican artist Dei V, Gen-Z cumbia pop artist Estevie, and Cuban-American singer-songwriter Gonzy. It also features Peso Pluma’s frequent collaborator Jasiel Nuñez, Colombian artist Junior Zamora, Spanish artist Saiko, emerging música mexicana starlet Xavi, and Argentinean pop singer Yami Safdie. 

In 2023, Spotify vouched for names like Fuerza Regida, Young Miko, Villano Antillano, and Emilia. They also named Ivan Cornejo, Chris Lebron, and Kevin Kaarl. Paopao, 3AM, and YOVNGCHIMI were also included on last year’s list.

Currently, Spotify’s Viva Latino playlist has garnered more than 14 million likes. Other Latine artists on playlists outside of Viva Latino include the Mexican-American rapper That Mexican OT (who is part of this year’s Most Necessary playlist) and the Cuban-American singer and songwriter Isabel LaRosa (who is part of this year’s Pop Rising playlist). 

You can listen to Spotify’s Artists to Watch 2024 playlist below.