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Henry Winkler & David Bautista Clown Donald Trump’s Water Drinking Struggle

From grabbing women by their genitals to signing cruel executive orders that negatively affect Americans, ‘s right hand is known to be anything but idle. But when it comes to drinking water it’s proven to be as struggle as his wig piece.

The latest incident happened last weekend when Trump needed both hands to take a sip of water during his commencement speech for graduates at West Point. After much scrutiny and slander for continuing to show signs of some sort of mental decline (his racism still seems very much intact though), Henry Winkler decided to take to social media and show the world how an old, yet able man drinks a glass of water with a single hand.

Posting a quick video with a caption reading “One hand,” The OG Fonz held a cup of water in his right hand while putting his left behind his back and taking a big gulp of H2O with precision.

Oh the shade. Very much needed for this summer of 2020.

While Winkler hasn’t exactly been a vocal critic of Donald Trump, it seems like the Happy Days actor isn’t a fan of the Racist-In-Chief and is letting him know as much.

David Bautista on the other hand has constantly slandered the Donald on social media and he took got in on the fun of mocking “Tiny Hands” Trump. In his post the former WWE superstar sarcastically thanked Donald Trump for inspiring him and comedically hyped himself up for almost a two minutes before gloriously holding up a cup of water with both hands.

It was hilarious.

Needless to say social media once again crowned the Fonz as the coolest old man in the game for his blatant jab at Donald Trump and though there were some MAGAts who were hurt to see their childhood hero clown their current cult leader, we’re sure he’s not losing any sleep over it.