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Gesaffelstein Completes Return With Shadowy Masterpiece ‘GAMMA’

The man, the myth, the legend Gesaffelstein is back! The French phenom is always seemingly lurking in the shadows working on a masterpiece, and he has delivered yet another one with his new album GAMMA.

GAMMA is an 11-track dark and heavy project, which is no surprise. “Hard dreams” was released as a single recently and set the tone for the album with what you would expect from Gesaffelstein with dark techno vibes and haunting vocals from Yan Wagner. “The perfect” is a soul-stirring grinder, “Hysteria” is its name in musical form and utter chaos, while “Lost love” is the soulful ballad. This album has so many standouts that will undoubtedly take over the festival scene this year.

Gesaffelstein is a consummate professional and when he releases a project, you know it’s going to hit and hit hard. GAMMA is no different and showcases the next evolution of the patented Gesaffelstein sound. As of right now Coachella is the only event fortunate enough to host his unique talents, so in the meantime make sure you take a listen to the splendor that is GAMMA below. Enjoy!

Gesaffelstein – GAMMA

-Written By: Derek Lavezzo
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