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George Lopez & Gabriel Iglesias Mispronounced Pedro Pascal’s Name — & the Internet is Mad

The Golden Globes were filled with jokes, as awards shows always are. Some jokes were cringeworthy, like most of the ones from host Jo Koy. But George Lopez and Gabriel Iglesias made a particular joke while presenting the Best Television Male Actor – Musical/Comedy category that was actually pretty funny. It’s just that it flew over a lot of people’s heads.

While going over the list of nominees, the comedians brought up Pedro Pascal, purposefully mispronouncing the actor’s last name as “Pascual” instead of “Pascal.” This has been a common mispronunciation of Pascal’s name during his time in Hollywood. For most people, it was an obvious joke, particularly considering the category didn’t actually include Pascal, who was actually nominated for Best Actor – TV Series (Drama).

But for a lot of people online, the joke just didn’t land. In fact, the internet jumped up in Pascal’s defense right away. The comments ranged from people wondering if Lopez and Iglesias could even read.

To people asking Lopez and Iglesias to learn in Spanish.

And doing so in less than nice ways.

Some went as far as to call Lopez and Iglesias “gringos.”

And “fake Latinos.”

Not to mention anti-Chileans.

It was all a little too much for a joke, and one that was pretty funny. George Lopez and Gabriel Iglesias clearly know who Pedro Pascal is and how to pronounce his name. He wasn’t even part of the category. The whole thing was part of the bit. And considering how many questionable jokes the night had, this one didn’t even rank in the top ten.