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From Acting To Music, Vince Miranda Releases A Debut Single “Más allá”

The American-Mexican television star has set his eyes on a new ground, which is the music industry. His latest cutting-edge project “Más allá” is the artist’s first-ever official project where the production is warm and textured topped with the artist’s inviting and remarkable voice. 

The project also has a visual production where we get to see him passionately singing and playing the piano. The song carries deep emotional messages in it, as we get to see the artist entering a red door that transports him to his childhood. The outro of the video features some of the artist’s memories where he ends up running away from them. 

Besides his musical career, it is worth noting that the artist has a solid acting career with several projects under his belt. 

To watch the music video of “Más allá” below:

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