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LISTEN: Danna Paola Sings to Her Old Self in ‘Tenemos Que Hablar’

Danna Paola is ready to take control of her new artistic era. The Mexican pop sensation is singing to the old version of herself in her new single, “Tenemos Que Hablar,” released today (Aug. 3).

Fresh off the Tomorrowland stage in Belgium with Steve Aoki, Danna is getting vulnerable in her new single as she expresses that she was a bit lost. She sings, “No puedo responderte a cosas que ni yo sé. Me estoy encontrando y al fin se siente bien (I can’t respond to things even I don’t know, I’m finding myself and it finally feels good).” This new single is just a taste of the new Danna we’re about to meet. 

Earlier this week, she teased a part of the new song on her Instagram, writing, “Y si para ti es un error… te deseo buena suerte.” Fans flooded the comments showing support for this new era of Danna. One commented in Spanish, “I think this will become my favorite era. ?”. Another fan tweeted, “I love the concept, I love everything, what a queen.??”

The song represents Danna taking accountability for not validating her own emotions in the past. She sings, “Te estabas perdiendo. Ya no más. Fue buen experimento con estos sentimientos (You were losing yourself. No more. It was a good experiment with these feelings).” 

In addition to new music, the Latine pop queen is about to achieve a major career milestone, her first-ever U.S. tour stopping in 18 cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Houston, and others.   

Danna surprised her fans last month (July 19) when she announced the addition of eight new dates to the tour. She shared the new dates on Instagram, writing in Spanish, “SURPRISE 8 NEW DATES FOR THES #XT4S1STourUSA ??? I can’t wait any longer ✨ WHERE ARE WE SEEING EACH OTHER??? ? ?.” When she first annouced the tour in May initially, there were only 10 shows. 

The first show of her XT4S1S Tour U.S.A is next week on Aug. 11 in San Jose, CA.

Listen to “Tenemos Que Hablar” below.