…and more news you missed this week

They say beauty is pain, and in the case of Kanye West it’s also extremely expensive. This week, the musician was slapped with a $400k lawsuit from a high-end rental service that claims he failed to return more than a dozen “rare, esteemed pieces.” Though Kanye is alleged to have forged a close relationship with the David Casavant Archive, which has consulted on Yeezy since 2014, he was always known to have a slippery grasp on its inventory, often “losing” items and having to pay a surcharge. But the company now claims Kanye stopped paying weekly fees altogether in October 2020, and with communications reaching an impasse, he’s looking at a minimum $221,810 fee. Obviously, that’s chicken change for the “richest black man in America”, but given that celebrities rarely pay for their own clothes, it’s just enough to knock an ego off-kilter.

In other news this week, the Haute Couture season kicked-off in Paris, with Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, and Nicole Kidman taking to the Balenciaga runway, in the shadows of North West’s scowls – who also revived her dad’s mystery brand from the 00s. Elsewhere, Marc Jacobs launched a major archive sale of Heaven collections past, while the Good Minions became fashion’s most-unexpected subculture. For everything else that may have passed you by, click though the gallery below.