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Discover Mafalda Almeyda, A Rising New Songstress

The world is a better place with music, and what can be better than an emotional pop performance from a singer whose talent is evident! Mafalda Almeyda presents her new songs in 2022 that will be included in her soon-to-be-released EP we cannot wait for. “I’m Used To U” is a new song that will tear the listener’s heart into pieces with its transcendent sadness about a love long gone. Mafalda does a great job of revealing her emotions through voice and tone and naturally, the audience is intrigued.

The artist debuted in 2021 with a single called “show me what u got”, followed by a sophomore single “butterflies”. Leveraging her own experiences, she brings realness and sincerity to her music despite being a new face in the game. She takes her frustrations, problems, and emotions like sadness, anger, revolt, and even vengeance and turns them into art, in a way that relates to the audience, empowering and supporting them. We cannot wait for her EP to drop!

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