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Did You Know That Residente Once Released a Diss Track Against Diddy?

With accusations of abuse and other illegal activities coming out against Diddy, an old Calle 13 diss track against him has resurfaced. Back in 2005, Puerto Rican icon Resident ripped into the rapper and mogul in the song “Pi-Di-Di-Di.”

Back in November, Cassie, who was Diddy’s former partner, filed a lawsuit against him that detailed years of sexual violence, domestic abuse, and other horrible claims. The day after the information in the lawsuit went public, the former couple settled the case for an undisclosed amount. Cassie’s lawsuit has since encouraged other people to speak out about their claims of sexual assault and sex trafficking against Diddy. In December, Diddy denied all the allegations through his lawyer.

Last month, the allegations against Diddy made headlines again when federal agents with U.S. Homeland Security raided two of his homes. Now, people are remembering that Residente once roasted Diddy in a Calle 13 song. “I was today years old when I found out Residente from Calle 13 beat up Diddy,” wrote one person on X (formerly known as Twitter). Another person added, “Yeah I heard [‘Pi-Di-Di-Di’] when it first came out and was like I guess he really doesn’t like Diddy.” 

The song “Pi-Di-Di-Di” is from Calle 13’s first album in 2005. Residente wrote the song in response to when Diddy visited Puerto Rico in 2004. The mogul sought out the reggaetoneros to become brand ambassadors for his Sean John clothing line. Though Daddy Yankee accepted the deal, Tego Calderón and Residente refused to participate because of their low-ball offers. Residente talked about not wanting to be a sell-out in “Pi-Di-Di-Di.” He called Diddy the “sugar daddy of all the mack daddies.” Residente also rapped about chasing Diddy down and knocking him out on Calle del Cristo. 

In February, Residente released his second solo album, Las Letras Ya No Importan. In September, he will embark on a world tour supporting the album. 

Listen to “Pi-Di-Di-Di” below.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual abuse or assault, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.