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Demi Lovato Joins Lyft and Voto Latino Foundation To Provide Free Rides To Vaccination Sites

The A-list pop star, Demi Lovato, has recently teamed up with the ridesharing company Lyft, along with the Voto Latino Foundation, to provide free rides to vaccination sites, exclusive for the underprovided Hispanic communities. 

The 28-year-old artist’s initiative is designed to provide over 60 million rides for people who might have transportation issues to reach the site. 

A statement released by the CEO of Voto Latino Foundation reads: 

“The Latinx community has been devastated by the COVID epidemic healthwise and economically. The best way for our community to rebound from this pandemic is to get vaccinated – quickly.” 

María Teresa Kumar also added that “Our aim is to help bridge the gaps and inequities in vaccine distribution for Latinos in Texas. No one should forgo a shot because they don’t have a ride. This is absolutely crucial work.”

It is heartwarming to see how Lovato works on flourishing the underrepresented communities. Good job girl! 

For more information about the rides, click here.